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Piano Lessons in Los Angeles by Piano Teacher Norman Mamey

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Conductor & Composer

The Traits of a Great Piano Teacher in Los Angeles

Norman Mamey’s pedigree as a musician is well established; He has an astonishingly long track record as an orchestra leader, an award-winning film and TV composer including a Grammy Award and Emmy nomination.  Still, it’s Mamey’s love of teaching piano lessons in Los Angeles that sets him apart from other professionals of his caliber. What follows is a brief description of what sets Norman Mamey apart as a piano teacher that Los Angeles trusts.

A Warm Demeanor is Crucial. Many piano teachers set out to create protégés who will follow in their footsteps. This can be wonderful, but the goal of shaping a musician in the instructor’s image should take place in an atmosphere where the artist feels safe and at home. A pleasant, low-pressure teaching environment fosters better learning and allows the artist to soar.

A Great Teacher Sets Manageable Goals. Making every student into a virtuoso would be a wonderful thing. However, learning to simply play a favorite song for a parent’s birthday, or to have a stable of holiday songs in time for December are sometimes the impulses that drive a student to take lessons. Working together to set manageable goals is the key to a student-teacher relationship, and these can be the stepping stones to their future as a musician.

It Should Go Without Saying: Knowledge. Norman Mamey has been playing, and indeed furthering his own knowledge of the piano for over half a century. His depth of musical, technical, and historical understanding of his instrument is enormous.

Professionalism at All Times is Important. Too often, piano teachers focus on their own compositions and recordings. Norman Mamey is as devoted to his students as he is devoted to the creation of his own work giving the same energy to his students that he uses in pursuit of his own professional goals.

Your Teacher’s Proven Reputation As a Pianist Will Benefit You Enormously Down the Line. Many in the Los Angeles music business know the significance of Norman Mamey’s contributions. To have studied with him will give you a leg up if you hope to make music your career as many of his students have done.

Finally, A Truly Great Teacher Hones Your Enjoyment of Music as Well as Your Skill. To students who do not wish to become professionals, learning a better appreciation of music itself is often just as rewarding as playing. The student’s knowledge of music will increase exponentially through piano lessons with Norman Mamey.


About Norman Mamey

The best advice Norman Mamey ever received was not to do anything the way people expect you to. He has parlayed that knowledge into a successful musical career as a composer, symphony conductor, and motion pictures.
  • Life Performance – Conductor
  • Production Shows (Musical Director)
  • Motion Pictures
  • Television
  • Education & Advanced Professional Training
  • And Much More!
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Norman is proud to provide private music instruction in the following areas.
  • Conducting
  • Arranging
  • Orchestration
  • Composition
  • Classical Piano
  • Jazz Piano
  • Counterpoint
  • Ear Training
  • Harmony
  • Logic
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Awards & Recognition

Over the years, Norman has earned many honors for his work.
  • Grammy Award
  • Emmy Award Nominee
  • Southern California Motion Picture Council Award
  • American Entry, International Music Festival, Santiago, Chile
  • Stanley Lebowsky Award for Conducting
  • Commissioner of the Arts, Glendale, California
  • Rice University Special Achievement Award in Music
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