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Testimonials | Norman Mamey


One of a kind! I can confidently say Norman is the best piano teacher I have learned under! I did not have the energetic optimism and passion playing piano before I started practicing under his tutelage! He is knowledgeable in every genre of music, can teach any form, and has an answer for every question you can think of. If you practice often with his techniques, he’ll have you playing any form of piano confidently and quicker than you can ever imagine. Most importantly, he is patient and yearns to make each of his students excel and reach their goals! If you are looking around for a teacher who is knowledgeable, caring, and demands the best, Norman is your guy! Simply put, he’s one of a kind!” – Sean

Norman is an amazing teacher. He will teach you anything and everything you want to know. He is incredibly knowledgeable and knows every answer to every question you could have about music. His piano techniques are more helpful than any you could learn in a classroom setting, and if you practice regularly he’ll have you playing beautiful piano in no time. It is an absolute honor to work with him, and he’ll always keep you on your toes with the best jokes!” – Alybri

Norman is one of the most caring and passionate teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have never learned so much in such a short period of time and I owe it all to Norman. Norman is an expert in all areas of music from film scoring, counter point, theory, orchestration, Logic, ear training, composing, conducting to every style of piano. Norman is seriously the master at music. He finds unique ways to inspire and keep learning fun and exciting. I can hands down guarantee that if Norman trains you and you do everything he instructs you to do, you will be exactly where you want to be before you know it. Every student is treated equally but uniquely at the same time. He will find the way you learn best and attack it. I can’t say enough good things about Norman and the way he teaches so I will put it simply, he is the best. Please if your reading this and are interested and really learning piano or music or singing, contact Norman and give your future in music a real shot at success.” – Nicholas

Genius I am 33 years old. Always loved music more than most people I knew but I had NEVER played an instrument in my life. So one day 2 months ago I decided to do something BOLD and take some piano lessons. I am so lucky I found Norman. He is an absolute genius. Most people with his ability can not teach. Norman is just the most gifted, natural teacher. He is so committed to my success. Now I can read music, I can play with both hands and I KNOW that every week I will learn something new. Steady progress is so satisying. Norman is the BEST!!!!!” – David

Best Teacher in LA I came to him 2 months ago not knowing much about piano. Now am am reading music and playing with both hands using techniques only he knows. It is an honor to be a student of his.” – Brennan

Fantastic Teacher As a returning piano student after a few years of absence and new to Los Angeles, Norman provided me with the exact instruction I needed. Within a few weeks not only had I regained my previous ability, but was exploring wonderful music with Norman’s knowledgable guidance. Norman is a wonderful teacher no matter what a prospective student is looking for, his great understanding of music theory and musicality have been a fundamental part in my rediscovering my love for piano! – Nathaniel

A Gem Norman is a Teacher with a capital “T.” His intuition with his students, unique and thorough teaching style, and incredible knowledge of the instrument are only the icing on the cake. The cake being Norman’s rare passion and enormous heart that shines through every lesson. It has enabled me, to not only learn piano at a faster rate than I ever thought, but to truly feel someone is beside me not only rooting me on musically but in my life. Yes, a gem indeed, that I feel so grateful to have stumbled upon.” – Arielle

How to build a house Norman breaks down the nuts and bolts of music in an engaging and simple way. Musical form, ear training, and counterpoint are our lesson’s building blocks, all of which we are covering thoroughly. He is a gifted composer/conductor and pianist, and a honestly dedicated teacher.” – Jeffrey

Great with Kids My two children, aged seven and nine, have been seeing Norman for almost a year now. He is an engaging, humourous and exceptionally talented teacher. They have both advanced very quickly, which has encouraged their love for music and their pride in themselves, something I credit to Norman. He is patient and kind with them, even when they are being silly, and has gone as far to call me to ask me how they are doing during the week when they have been assigned a difficult piece. I have been very impressed with Norman’s ability to get the best out of them and his sensitivity to their unique personalities. I would recommend him highly as a teacher.” – Erin

Great Teacher! Norman Mamey is a wonderful and generous teacher. I have learned so much in such a short time that I can’t recommend him highly enough. His experience is very evident through his clear explanations and examples. All while still getting through to the heart of the topic at hand so you have those profound “a-ha!” moments. I look forward to each lesson knowing that I’ll be learning something that will make me a better musician. If you love music and want access to a great depth of knowledge, you can’t go wrong studying with Mr. Mamey!”

Look no Further! I have been taking piano lessons since I was 5 years old. I am now 25 years old and have studied with about 8-10 teachers. Norman Mamey is not only the most experienced and accomplished musician with whom I have studied, but also the best teacher I have EVER had. He possesses an amazing ability to keep his students disciplined and professional, while his deep passion for the subject keeps his students motivated and engaged. I learned more about music theory and about myself as a musician in a few short months than in all the years of lessons I have taken. If I could give any aspiring musician advice, it would be not to waste any more time or money…..give Norman a call immediately.” – Levi

A Life of Music; A Musical Life Norman Mamey is exceptional at inspiring passion for music and for learning music in his students. His understanding of melody, counterpoint and the essential elements of structure is elevated even amongst college teachers. My two years of study with him at Citrus College cultivated sensitivity, understanding and passion behind my interpretations of repertoire, my piano improvisations and my compositions. These capacities eased my transition to UCSB, where I earned a BA, MA and Ph.D. in Music Composition. He helped me to feel that I can delve deep into a passion for music, that I can combine this passion with rigorous discipline, and that I can acquire the skills and experience to share this passion in a professional context. Mr. Mamey does not only teach music well, he lives it.” – Mark

Piano teacher Mr. Norman Mamey has been teaching piano lessons to my children for the past year. We couldn’t have been bleesed more by having him as a teacher for our children. He is the most professional, talented and experienced piano teacher we have met. He is very patient and has his unique style for teaching for each one of my children, he always has the best encouraging advise at the end of their lessons to make them practice harder .My kids are looking forward to have a lesson with him and we have observed them improving by each lesson. My 6 year old which has been under Mr. Mamey’s supervision in taking piano lessons from the begining, has been showing tremendous improvement and love for music and we believe that her fundamentals in music are the strongest of all.” – Rosie

Roger Lino It’s as if my next lesson starts the second I walk out of my current one. Mr. Mamey never stops thinking of how to make me a better musician and get me to the next step. He makes his students feel like they’re his most precious and valuable investment. As a student, every time I have learned from him, it is not just a lesson, it’s an experience I translate into the music I will ultimately share with the world. There is not a day that goes by where he’s not updating himself with music and sharing his knowledge with his students. His unwavering dedication and focus is what makes me and other musicians want to rise to our full potential. He is a musical inspiration.” – Norman

I first met Norman Mamey many years ago when I was studying songwriting at a local college in Southern California and he was my professor. I had such fun in his class, and I could not believe how much I had learned in such a short amount of time. I was very familiar with procedures and standards of teaching because I was a college employee; my job description required that I conduct student evaluations each semester. Although I worked in a different department, the standards were the same and I knew what was expected from professors. Mr. Mamey met those expectations and surpassed them. After I graduated from the University of California Berkeley, I wanted to incorporate what I had learned at the cognitive level into a practical approach with a focus in songwriting. So even though I had an understanding of how the mind listens to music, I still needed a foundation to build my skills upon, so I contemplated seriously studying the piano. I immediately thought of Mr. Mamey, and I decided to conduct a search to see if he was available to teach private piano lessons. I was so excited to find his website, (www.normanmamey.com), and to learn that he was still teaching, which he has done for many years now. At the present time, I have been studying piano and theory with Mr. Mamey for one year. I have learned proper piano playing techniques, and I am now able to merge what I have learned from my lesson plans into song composition; I have a growing palette of colors to choose from, which is so exciting. My friends cannot believe that I have only been studying and playing the piano for one year. If you are considering studying the piano, then I highly recommend studying with someone who truly has the gift of teaching. Mr. Mamey has amazing talent; he has a foot in both entertainment and educational fields and will apply years of professional expertise to your skill level. He is humble, sensitive, and listens to his students. He has a great sense of humor, which helps to break the stress of learning a new subject. He genuinely cares about his students’ success. He is intuitive and adapts to his students’ needs as well. I look forward as I continue my studies with Mr. Mamey.” – Lisa

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